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Welcome To is a lawyer-sponsored website which assists individuals who seek help and/or information about employment law in greater Kansas City, as well as the states of Kansas and Missouri and throughout the United States. This website is useful for persons who perform work in America, as most forms of unlawful employment discrimination and harassment are governed uniformly by Federal law. State laws are also applicable to employment relationships, and may overlap federal law. This site is hosted and maintained by The Law Offices of Albert F. Kuhl, a Kansas City employment law firm.

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Basics of Employment Law:
A basic concept in employment law is this: without an express contract of employment (such as a professional athlete receives), an employee is generally viewed by the law as serving in an �at-will� context...

An employer normally may not mistreat an employee for a discriminatory reason. This rule applies to all forms of workplace harassment, demotions, wage changes, layoff decisions, and job terminations...

An employer generally must avoid retaliating against an employee who has said or done something at work which is �legally protected activity.�...

Guidance and information is provided at this website for interested readers who need information on a variety of employment and/or discrimination law topics. It is maintained by the Law Offices of Albert F. Kuhl.  Our office assists persons who are dealing with a difficult current job situation. We also help people who question their course of treatment in a prior job.  This website contains detailed information and assistance for all areas of employment law including job discrimination or job retaliation.  This site discusses age, race, gender, pregnancy and/or disability discrimination, breach of contract, sexual harassment, wrongful termination, whistle-blowing, wage payment claims and more. We hope the site assists you with your desire for information on these legal topics.   The clickable page links in the upper left-hand corner of this page address common topics in Employment Law.

IF YOU ARE A KANSAS RESIDENT (including Johnson County and Sedgwick, Douglas and Shawnee Counties, and including the cities of Kansas City, Overland Park, Olathe, Wichita, Topeka, Lawrence, Salina, Garden City, Hays, Manhattan, Pittsburg and Emporia) or MISSOURI RESIDENT (including these cities: St. Joseph, Springfield, Columbia, Jefferson City, Joplin, Warrensburg, Blue Springs, Lee's Summit and Raytown) If you possess a question about a job problem or issue, you QUALIFY FOR A THOROUGH EVALUATION OF A POTENTIAL CASE. DO NOT RELY SOLELY ON THIS WEBSITE.  CONTACT THE LAW OFFICES OF ALBERT F. KUHL. EMPLOYMENT LAW VARIES FROM STATE TO STATE. Residents of other states may also qualify for assistance.  Our toll-free number is:  877.506.7111.

Employment Law Highlights and Updates...


** The federal agency which oversees claims of discrimination in the workplace, EEOC, uses a step-by-step process as it assists individuals with their claims of employment discrimination or related retaliation. It is important to note that all states, including Kansas and Missouri, offer a companion state agency which serves essentially the same function as EEOC. EEOC's jurisdiction over cases involving workplace discrimination/retaliation extends to employers of 15 or more employees (the state agencies service smaller employers). One must approach the appropriate agency before commencing a case in court for discrimination or related retaliation (in most cases). These agencies offer a voluntary case mediation process.  The mediation program is useful, in our experience, although it is strictly voluntary and no employer is required to participate.  And it possesses a high success rate in resolving discrimination claims of all types.  This mediation process is perhaps the best aspect of the services provided more generally by EEOC.  In western Missouri, and the entire state of Kansas, EEOC administers federal employment discrimination law from its regional office in Kansas City, Kansas.  Its phone number is 800.669.4000.  This number is a national toll-free number, from which a caller may be routed to their appropriate area office on a regional level.  The agency's national website is found at


** "Obamacare" (formally known as the Affordable Care Act) became fully operational in Fall, 2013. The law guarantees insurance coverage to all persons, regardless of pre-existing conditions. The key to using Obamacare is the government's own website, which may be found at For individuals who do not possess health insurance at a job they hold, coverage under this option is guaranteed. Each state may also add rights/benefits for its own citizens which track with Obamacare's offerings.



** Normally, a claim of workplace discrimination or harassment must first be made to a state or federal agency, and not to the Court. The discrimination laws created by state and federal government require this procedure. This process allows claims to be considered by a governmental agency before a Court hears the case. Call our law office toll-free at 877.506.7111, or in the Kansas City at 913.438.2760 for more information.  Alternatively, email us at

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